Ifeanyi Dike JR (Titan) is exploring all his talents

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Writer, actor, medical doctor-in-training et cetera et cetera,  Ifeanyi Dike Jr is one talented young man who is not afraid to do it all. He gives W+G a peek into what it takes to be a proud jack-of-all-trades  and why he intends to master all. He currently appears on Tinsel where he plays Titan.

Tell me a little bit about yourself, family and educational background. How old are you?

– I am 21 years old. I have a sibling and I’m the older child. My father is a doctor, mum a nurse. I’m a final year medical student.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

-I had different ambitions at different times. I wanted to be a pastor, banker, doctor, actor, writer, newscaster and some other things I cannot remember.

How would you describe yourself- career-wise- now?

I’m a young individual exploring all the aspects of my abilities. I love everything I do from acting, writing to concept creation and I plan to make a long-term career of them.

Why are you studying medicine? Do you ever plan to practice?

-I’m studying medicine because I love medicine. It is not impossible to love and pursue careers from two entirely different fields as people make it seem. And of course, I will practice medicine.

Why are you currently pursuing a career in entertainment and media?

-I love the arts and because I consider myself a go-getter, I purse everything I’m interested in.

What or who inspired your love for the arts?

-Many people actually, but it’s more about the art than the people who are responsible for it. It’s difficult to be uninspired by such beauty.

Is acting and writing just a hobby for you? How far do you plan to go with them?

-No, absolutely not. I plan to get adequate training in relevant fields and make a living off them.

Ever thought of dropping out of Medical school? If yes, why would you want to leave and what is stopping you?

-No, Never! I always finish anything I start. There is no quitting here.

How do you plan to mix your acting, writing with medicine?

-The same way I’ve done these past few months. Prioritise and adhere strictly to a timetable that allows me apportion ample time to everything I do.

How did you get the Tinsel role?

-I auditioned and then I was called after a year for a second reading. The next day, I got a call saying I got the role.

How do you balance your work and school? Is any of them suffering? If yes, which one? How do you make up for it?

-Like I mentioned earlier, I adhere strictly to a timetable but I’ll be lying if I say nothing gets affected. At different times, they all take hits but I try to keep it as sane as possible.

Do your parents support your extra-curricular activities?

– They support me with all that they can and I’m grateful to be blessed with such an understanding family. Bless them.

What do you think about parents making career-choices for their kids?

-I hope this is not suggesting that my parents made my career choice for me because they didn’t. I doubt there are parents out there who forceful about career choices, but if there are, it’s an archaic move overdue for banishment.

What advice would you give to a kid who is caught between studying a course his parents want him to study and pursuing his own dreams?

-It depends on how understanding their parents are. Some parents proffer impossible ultimatums. Depending on the sort of relationship the kid shares with his/her parent, the best bet is to talk to them and make them see things the way you do. If this still doesn’t work, listen to them, graduate and afterwards do what you really want to do.

Who has been your biggest influence so far?

-My father, Dr P. I Dike. He is patient, understanding and wise.

Where do you hope to be in three years time?

-In some Lagos restaurant, celebrating the biggest accomplishments in my career.

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