Crazy ex-army major trains young white boys to be racist in South Africa

What’s the justification for this stupidity in a post-Apartheid South Africa? Click to read more.

The shocking video Afrikaner Blood by Elles van Gelder and Ilvy Njiokiktjien from the Netherlands has won first prize in the World Press Photo 2012 multimedia contest. The piece follows young white South African teenagers who attend a holiday camp set up by a right-wing racist group called Kommandokorps led by Franz Jooste who was an army major during the era of white minority rule.

Mr Jooste “believes white South Africans should have their own nation and that they are too different from the black population in South Africa to live together”.

“I am not ashamed to say I am a racist. In South Africa you can only be one of two things: Either you are blind or you are a racist,” he says.

After decades of government-enforced racial divisions, experts say black and white South Africans generally get on relatively well. However, some white people complain about the high crime rate, in particular the killing of white farmers. Equally, some black people say they remain economically marginalised.

The mainly white Freedom Front has condemned the camps. “The fact that these camps indoctrinate young boys to hate black people is not a solution to the current problems of South Africa,” its youth leader Wouter Wessells told the BBC. “Not all Afrikaners are like that.”



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